Resolving conflict while minimizing emotional stress

A dissolution of marriage, and other family law crises affecting families, create tremendous challenges for children and their parents. With more than four decades of experience in family law, Zisser Family Law works closely to resolve such conflicts while remaining sensitive to the legal, financial, and psychological needs of our clients.

The types of marital and family law cases we customarily handle include:

Collaborative Family Law

Zisser Family Law promotes collaborative family law, a therapeutic and constructive alternative to traditional divorce. We assist families in conflict with a cooperative process that provides resources and options which are,  many times, unavailable to divorcing families. This approach works to end a marriage or relationship respectfully.

Watch firm founder and senior attorney Carolyn S. Zisser explain the difference between traditional family law and the more innovative collaborative family law approach.

Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

In conjunction with dissolving the marriage, we assist our clients in formulating parenting plans, identifying, valuing and dividing property, spousal and child support, insurance benefits, and rights to court-ordered attorney’s fees and costs.

Plans Addressing Parental Responsibility and Time-Sharing

(Formerly custody/primary and secondary residential parent designations) Agreement or Orders regarding the right to make the decisions affecting the child and the right to share time with the child that focus on the best of the child.


The legal creation of a parent-child relationship between those who are not biologically related. The adoptive parent assumes rights, responsibilities and obligations as if the child were his or her own.

Third Party Parenting Issues

Where grandparents and other third parties are entitled to ‘parental’ rights.

Post-Judgment Modification Actions

Adjustments to current arrangements regarding parental responsibility, time-sharing, relocation or support made only if there is a change in circumstances.

Enforcing Parenting and Support Orders

Seeking legal action when one party has failed to follow court rulings regarding the children or the payment of support.

Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Parties may agree to and determine their respective property and support rights and obligations prior to their marriage or during their marriage.

Step-Parent Adoptions

One parent in the marriage adopting the biological child(ren) of their spouse.

Dependency Actions

Juvenile Court actions for the protection of children subject to abuse and neglect.

Paternity Actions

Actions to establish parental rights and obligations to children born to unmarried individuals.