Lynn M. Salvatore

lynn-salvatore-zisser-family-lawLynn M. Salvatore, Esq. is an Associate with Zisser Family Law and has been licensed as an attorney in Florida since 1990. Ms. Salvatore graduated from the University of Florida College of Law in May 1990 and has been practicing marital and family law in Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding counties for over 26 years. She has extensive experience in child custody and abuse proceedings, having practiced as an attorney for both the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program and is experienced as a court-appointed attorney ad litem for children and custody evaluator. Ms. Salvatore achieved a groundbreaking verdict in an expedited termination of parental rights case brought by the Department of Children and Families, a case which turned on the testimony of medical experts. We are very proud to have Lynn, who is also Collaboratively Trained, as an integral part of our team.