Client Experience

Our approach to help you through life-changing events.

There’s a lot more to legal issues than legal issues.

Family Law conflicts and related Criminal Law issues are often and understandably emotionally charged. We approach every interaction with compassion. Our process is to de-escalate tension among affected parties, when possible, and remain steadfast toward the most desirable, efficient transition. We also litigate vigorously as necessary to represent our clients’ interest.

We understand your case is unique. No two cases are ever the same. To focus on what is best for each case, we limit our caseloads to provide our clients the service and results they deserve. Case assignments are divided among any one of our attorney team members based on individual strengths and skills and your individual preferences. We also are always mindful of cost efficiency benefits for our clients.

From the simplest to the most complex legal matters, every interaction is handled in a discreet, professional and compassionate manner.

Plus, clients gain access to our carefully curated network of highly regarded experts, including psychologists, forensic accountants, vocational consultants, private investigators, and valuation professionals. To achieve forward momentum with optimum results, our team works closely with the client and experts on case strategy and plans.

Building a case takes know-how. We have know-how.

After an initial consultation, we get to work on your behalf. We approach every case with dedication, compassion, and concern for your legal, financial and personal well-being, all while operating with the highest standards.

For optimum results, we start with strategy and develop a case plan. We unveil key issues, determine the discovery needed, and identify witnesses to speak about those issues. We prepare you in advance for depositions, court hearings, mediation and, when necessary, trial.

Throughout your time with us, we thoughtfully address your needs and questions at every step toward to a resolution.

Initial Consultation

This first meeting is one of the most valuable services we provide. This can be an in-person or virtual meeting. It includes one-on-one time with one of our experienced, proven attorneys who will answer all your questions and act as a guide through the legal labyrinth. By the end of this meeting, you will know your options and alternatives. It may be the most important step to determine if you have rapport with your chosen attorney, to obtain knowledge, and to develop realistic expectations.

During your consultation, your attorney will review all pleadings and obtain any preliminary information. He or she will provide you with valuable insight and advice that helps avoid unnecessary exposure and mitigate risk. You will understand your legal rights, legal responsibilities and practical options.

At the end of your session, you will receive relevant worksheets, copies of articles and other resource materials to aid in understanding your legal rights and obligations.

This Initial Case Assessment can take up to two (2) hours. The fee for this meeting ranges from $500 to $900, depending on the attorney selected.

Call 904.353.3222 or email us at to schedule your initial consultation.