An Evening with Deepak Chopra

CSZ with Deepak Chopra

Recently, Carolyn was delighted to share an evening with Deepak Chopra in Jacksonville. She enjoyed his presentation on March 17th at the UNF Lazzara Performance Hall and had the opportunity to meet him in person at the preceding Meet and Greet gathering with a select few. Carolyn finds his message providing a road map for “higher health” based on the latest finds in both mainstream and alternative medicine, and is intrigued by his ideas regarding understanding consciousness as a way to enhance our capacity for total well-being. Deepak Chopra is well known around the world and is now delving into the question and likely benefit of spirituality in business in his continuing endeavor teaching the world to connect with the mind, body and soul. Carolyn is deeply interested in self-improvement and enhancing how she approaches her law practice.

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