Zisser Family Law. Not a standard practice,
just the highest standards.®

Zisser Family Law. Not a standard practice,
just the highest standards.®

Together to serve you better.

The firms of Zisser Law and Zisser Family Law have become one, offering a new level of support and guidance for difficult family matters. Clients new and old will appreciate our extended team-based, proactive relationship that vigorously protects your future.


Whether you’re seeking a law firm for immediate counsel or for possible future events, we welcome you to Zisser Family Law.

When you are facing complex Family Law issues, there may be no decision more important than the law firm you choose to represent you. Founded by distinguished Family Law pioneers, we are consistently among the most recognized and esteemed law firms in Northeast Florida.

Sometimes you need more than a Family Law attorney.

Many Family Law cases include elements of Criminal Law, compounding an already emotionally-charged situation. The entire process can be overwhelming and chaotic for the client, with multiple cases in different courtrooms, with different attorneys from different law firms.

Here, you will have an attorney team who can handle all your Family Law and any related Criminal Law issues. By cultivating this focus, we have become quite accomplished in helping clients with complex cases achieve desired results.

Nothing is more important than your family and helping you through crisis and transition.

In over four decades of real-life Family Law experience, the Zisser name has become broadly respected for the highest standards of care and knowledge. Our extensive experience and skillful strategies create a roadmap for obtaining the best outcomes. We understand the need for discretion, and we handle the unique needs of our clients among our own family of lawyers.

We have cultivated a diverse practice of people with an array of legal expertise.

Among our practice is a Board Certified Marital and Family Law attorney, a specially trained Collaborative lawyer and a former assistant public defender— all masterful at the issues that impact the families we serve. What’s more, we offer both the traditional and the collaborative process. With this unique combination, it’s no wonder clients trust us for the simplest to the most complex situations.